Our Vision

To be a typical twenty-first century school that produces a total person who will fit compatibly in the Global Village that makes up the modern community.

Our Mission

The school is there to:
1. Expose pupils to a holistic learning forum through coverage of a broad spectrum of learning experiences which covers academics, sports, fine arts and social clubs.

2. Inspire intellectual competence in all pupils through a complement of skills; linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social.

3. Groom strong self-esteem and high personal expectation in every pupil that goes through our education cycle.

Our Values

Hard work, Honesty, Integrity, Empathy, Tolerance, Mutual respect for others and good judgement

Our Motto

Kaizen means continuous improvement - we believe that as an organisation, every achievement we make today is just a stepping stone from which to launch even more enterprising campaigns for excellence. One cannot sit on one’s laurels basking in the glory of past achievements.